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The Girl with a Pearl Earring, Tracy Chevalier

A Girl with a Pearl Earring

by Tracy Chevalier

Going forward I will put a recording of our chat on here.

‘I also really enjoyed the book especially learning about painting techniques- loved the fact her painting was on the front cover and I kept referring to it in the closing chapters as the painting was developing- Whats next?!!’

‘Still on Vermeer book . Chapter 5 ! Really enjoying the bit about the camera obscurer. Conjures up what must have been mind blowing ( what is an image she said🤣) at the time.’

‘I loved it and have been thinking about it a lot. It’s a perfect book for autumn as I think of Northern European cities always being quite autumnal. I listened on audible and loved the way the colours were described. It’s made me start painting with oils more often which has been a lovely side effect of reading about painting. I found the theme of how women were suppressed and used for male convenience a sad endictment that we haven’t really come so far in hundreds of years. Me too? Despite that, I loved it and thank you for encouraging me to consume it.’

‘I LOVED this book. For me it was the opening scene with the vegetables which hooked me in and then the sub theme of the art, the paint, the studio space, his paintings and the unfolding passion through the tiny shifts in their dynamic (moving the cloth on the table) and the whole earring thing. I thought Chevalier was a master at telling her story and I also loved the way we weren’t quite sure of Griet although we knew her quite well by the end. Sorry to miss it and let me know what the next one is! Thanks. Xxxx’

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