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Online Book Club

This is an online book club for people who are curious about Art, Adventure, Nature and Food. The books that we will read will be connected to these themes.  I’ve got lots of ideas but if you are keen to join then please do send me a message with some of your reading ideas so that we can get a good reading list in place.
This is a new venture for me and I’m really hoping that you will let me know your thoughts and hopes for the club so that we can make it really fun and fulfilling.
I’m going to organise a monthly zoom meeting which will also be recorded for anyone who can’t make it. It will be on the second Monday of each month at 6pm and last for about an hour. First meeting for introductions, to discuss logistics etc. will be 14 August 2023 (we won’t have a book to discuss so it won’t be too long).  I’m hoping that further down the line we will all be able to meet up in person every now and then too.
We will choose a book to read at each meeting, read it over the month (thinking of discussion points) and then discuss. I’m going to set up a WhatsApp group between us all so we can chat throughout the month and keep each other boosted along with the reading.
Please do recommend to any friends who would like to join!


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