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Live an Adventurous, Thoughtful & Creative Life

The Curious Curator has a collection of events and products that inspire an intellectual curiosity into Art, Nature, Wellbeing & Adventure with a special enhancement into food and books. You can trust our dedication to providing top quality products and services and providing really good customer service.

Would you like to be more curious? Would you like to live more adventurously? Would you like to make the most of your creative talents? 

Please do follow me on instragram so that you can enjoy my stories that show how I choose to live my life on Exmoor with my Artist husband. You will see that I like to embrace the elements through walking, swimming in the sea and horse riding. I enjoy journaling and reading, and I am trying to get into a regular writing practice. We love cooking and eating good food and are very lucky to have amazing local produce. I also love community and talking to people. The Curious Curator has evolved through my love of all these things. 

‘To do the work, we need to rest, to read, to reconnect. It is the invisible labour that makes creative life possible.’  

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